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SHOWTIME -party -March 5th - Kevin & Trae's house in Hell-Angeles

The other day I was walking back towards my house up this very steep street with my dogs when two guys came around the corner causing my female wolfy dog to jump back. I looked up and said “Matthew Modine just freaked out my dog” He asked to borrow some jumper cables.

– since Mathew is in the Showtime series “Weeds” I thought it would be nice to have him over for our little get – together. The guests seemed to have fun, beside the fact that hearing my voice over the cable was causing me to have a out of Body Experience” You know how you always hate the sound of your own voice? Well imagine hearing it drone on for two long solid hours over cable TV with a major celebrity sitting in front of you not laughing at your jokes. (Party down!!)

Watch the new trailer made by showtime

I got hundreds of really heavy but positive emails from all over the country. I think it’s a good sign when everyone says the same things, I’m finding that people are wanting to tell me their deepest darkest drug stories, I don’t know what to say sometimes, I suppose I opened myself up for it.

The film starts in Australia on the Fox crime network in a few days, you call that a bong? this is a bong!

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