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Bill Hicks
Late American Comedian and Political Philosopher

He saw himself as a flame, Shiva The Destroyer, using comedy as a weapon to expose truths and show people how governments are screwing us every day of our lives. Before his death, he tried to reach as many people as possible, to put them in touch with inner and outer space in a majestic flight of One Consciousness thinking.

Joe Rogan
Fear has never been or ever will be a Factor

If comedy could punch you in the throat and abduct you, it would be Joe Rogan's. Look inside for exclusive Joe Rogan clips from Sacred Cow.

Doug Stanhope
Warm beer and stale cigarettes

A mushroom cloud of comedy without the cloud. Click in to see more from Sacred Cow, but not without your best pair of rubber gloves.

Other Clips
Because you can never get enough

Check out these clips from Dwight Slade, Mack Lindsay, Joey Diaz, Tom Rhodes, Steve-O, and more.

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