Sacred Cow Productions produced the following films and videos:

Year Film Type
2019 Shadows of Sofia documentary
2013 American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny documentary
2010 How Weed Won the West documentary
2007 American Drug War: The Last White Hope documentary
2005 Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State documentary
2004 American Dictators TV documentary
2002 Doug Stanhope: Word of Mouth video
2001 Joe Rogan: Live from the Belly of the Beast video
2000 The Best of Alex Jones video documentary
1996 Dwight Slade: Willy's Footsteps video
1993 On the Seventh Day in Waco video documentary
1993 Bill Hills: United States of Advertising video
1993 Counts of the Netherworld TV movie
1993 Sacred Cow Halloween Special video
1993 Sea Man video documentary short
1991 Ninja Bachelor Party short
1989 Bill Hicks: Sane Man video documentary